Success comes with experience

Some of our Games

Piranhas Fast&Feast

Aim is to feed our piranha flock with food. By tap and hold we are able to feed our piranhas.

 Piranhas Fast&Feast

Fill The Space

Tap and hold to fill the space with tiles. The aim is to avoid enemies and fill as much space as possible. Advance levels to unlock new shapes to fill.

 Fill The Space 

Zombio Eat&Run

By controlling the main character, find and eat humans.
Stronger when you are crowded.
Touch and drag your finger to move.
Wander around the city and keep playing...


Penguin Cold Feets Journey

Penguins are directed towards the map via shooting campfires. Shot campfire marks our new checkpoint. Our penguins move to the next campfire automatically. Aim is to avoid cold areas and keep penguins from freezing.


Balloons Up

Up, Up & Up!
Touch screen to create balloons.
Balance out the object with the balloons.

 Balloons Up

Harvest Fest

It is harvest time!!
80+ unique levels.
Touch and drag to control.
Collect all the corns and finish the levels.

 Harvest Fest


Every new member of our team gets used to working with harmony because of our collaborative working system.

Creative Team

Unique game ideas comes with experience. Talents in our team are looking for new ideas everyday.

Fast Iteration

Fast game prototyping in short time period.


Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Veskiposti tn 2-1002, 10138 /ESTONIA